Evaer for Skype Review

Evaer is an easy way to record audio and video Skype calls. It’s compatible with windows and records all Skype calls automatically; however you can change the automatic settings to manual if not interested in recording all calls automatically. It provides two boxes; automatic and manual, so you just tick one and it will set whatever you pick. It’s very useful because it will not just record Skype calls, but will also record Skype video calls and voice mails. We found it super amazing when we found out that you can actually preview video while recording Skype a call. The tool allows you to resize video windows while recording Skype calls and it would never miss out on anything, it will still show the video as it is and save it directly on your computer for a playback. It’s pretty much easy to use as long as you have the right requirements, you just download it, and give it permission to run from Skype, and then you will see it doing magic to all your Skype calls. Well, you have business calls, interviews you want to record? Try this Skype recorder and you don’t even have to think twice about it because we have reviewed it so many times and it’s worth it.


Features of Evaer

  • With Eaver, it’s a sure deal that your Skype calls will be recorded with high quality as it captures the authentic data of the call while recording you record.
  • Another interesting thing about this software, is that it detects the kind of call you make and it will save them separately, if it detects that you are recording video, it will store it in AVI or MP4 format and if its audio, it will store them in MP3 format
  • Do not miss to record group Skype video calls, we told you this recorder is exceptional, and so it supports group calls up to 10 ways
  • It also supports recording calls with Side by side, separate files, picture in picture, local webcam only and so much more.
  • Screen sharing has also been made easy with this tool, now you can call and share screens with the people you call as much as you want.
  • Ability to exchange your Skype video position while you record on picture in picture mode.
  • There’s an option to record only audio Skype calls with this recorder, and it will still save them separately.
  • Furthermore, this software has an automatic chat reply, so when you step away from your computer, be confident that it will respond back to whoever tries to send you a message

Advantages of Evaer

  • It has a free trial edition which allows you to record for free
  • It is also free to upgrade
  • Supports video and audio Skype calling
  • There’s an answering machine for both Skype calls

Disadvantages of Evaer

  • The edition that offers unlimited Skype call recording requires money to access it

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