Skype Call Recorder on Windows – 7 Factors To Consider

Skype runs the world as it provides you with free video calling, audio calling as well as instant chat messages via an internet connection, it’s one of the popular means people have managed to stay in touch up-to date, we love it because it has connected us with people we never thought we would see again, our families and friends etc, it’s no wonder we need that feature that can enable us record the precious moments we share with our loved ones – unfortunately, Skype will never record calls, you need a recording software which will help you do that. With so many software on the market, how do you find the absolute best software available? Well, that is what we are here for. We have compiled a solid list of 6 Skype recording software  out there, check them out here.

TalkHelper call recorder for Skype

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype

Here’s a recorder that can help you record both Skype conversations effortlessly. We have tested it and we are confident to say it’s one of the best apps available and it’s compatible with only windows. It also records from inside into Skype, so that actually means it will capture all the frames of the video call, regardless the type of the recording window you are using to record calls. It has a well designed interface, which makes the recording experience wow, and it comes with play/resume option which helps you record at your convenience. This software is exceptional because it allows you to record for free, and would never get complicated because it even always supports the latest version of Skype.

It has always been easy to record calls with because it will start to record automatically – also records voice mails and Skype video messages. The app will record all the Skype calls with high quality and then save them on the computer for future use – it will keep you smiling when you use it, there’s capability to edit video files – you can edit them using different memos for search, also saves audio Skype files in MP3/WAV format, and AVI format for the video Skype files. While you record video calls, you can screen share at anytime, and this works smoothly and perfectly, this feature is great for business Skype call recording as you can share work documents on your computer.

If business call recording is your main concern, TalkHelper call recorder for Skype is absolutely a great tool to go for because it nearly has all the vital functions you would need while recording calls – plus, it’s completely reliable, its one tool you will always count on when in doubt and you’ll not be disappointed at all.

Using this Skype recorder also means that your worries about functional limits will be no more; we know most apps available come with functional limitations with their free demo, but this one is different. It has a free trial but will never limit you with its functions, you will record for free both video and audio calls, do whatever you what  like you would do with the professional version – however, the only sad part is that even though it has no functional limit, it offers unlimited call recording. To be safer not to miss out on recording for life, you would purchase for professional, it is not limited to a week like the free one – having it does not take much, all you have to do is buy a license of TalkHellper and you will be good. Lastly, this software will record both sides of the Skype call automatically, be it incoming or outgoing, it will sense and begin to record as soon as possible in just a blink of an eye.

Callnote video call recorder

Callnote skype recorder

Of course there’re many apps out there designed to record Skype conversations, but Callnote video call recorder is unique. Why we say its different is because it will allow you record both Skype calls and also give you the opportunity to share them. Not so many recorders offer that, yet it’s important for some reasons. As we record Skype calls, there’s freedom to take snapshots of your call if you think that would make you happier even, you’ll have them saved on your windows PC as files. Don’t be shy not to utilise all the amazing recording functions this software comes with, they will clearly show what you have been missing all along with it.

This program also works on windows and has an intuitive interface that is easy to work with, there is no way you will not manage using it because everything is brief so you do not have to be an expert. People like this recording software simply because it ensures high quality recording, whatever you record, whether audio or video, it comes out perfect when the sound is audible enough.

Every single time you record Skype calls with this tool, you can organise them accordingly, for example you can save Skype calls separately from Skype chat messages, it makes your files look super organized, also it helps you to know where to find particular files as opposed to just search from any folder you are not even sure of if what you’re looking for is there. This tool is also designed to have your back like forever – it has two versions; The premium version and the professional, But imagine, premium which is of course the freeware allows you to record for 30 days unlike others, where as professional is unlimited. Like really, how cool is that? Other recorders will be much more limited but this one gives you all that time for free even if there are some few features you won’t have access to unless you get professional. In addition, you will not believe how professional is exciting, it will let you trim off the parts you probably don’t find great in your recording, and after you have cut out whatever you dislike, you save it afresh and they will be nowhere to be seen in the new edited files, which makes people comfortable and contented – You have got the ball in your hands, so you would obviously choose for yourself the best version to record your Skype calls.

We also hope that we are not the only people obsessed with callnote video call recorder, it is capable of so much and once you grab it, you might forget that there are other Skype recording apps available on the market – also we think it would be just perfect for both personal and business Skype call recoding.

Amolto call recorder for Skype


This one is clean and also amazingly functional. Amolto call recorder for Skype will record your Skype calls without any trouble; remember it’s for windows users and connects directly to Skype once you install it on windows PC. The tool starts to record automatically once a Skype call begins, it will do it with so much efficiency and after recording it will store the files on the convenient desktop where you will easily access them. It provides an MP4 format, which you will use to save video calls perfectly and can be played used other players.

It is free software, so you do not have to first have money to use it to record your calls and works excellently with 32 or 64-bit – many end users like it because it gives them the recording freedom they want for example it will record two calls at the same time, it will record let’s say the online audio you are trying to listen to and the ongoing call you are making at that particular time, which is of course exciting knowing that you can record 2 calls at ago and save them for a playback later, it basically records whatever comes out of the speakers and saves them.

Amolto has great features such as the pause button, which allows you to click on it every time you feel like you want to pause your call – this button is really important to you, imagine you have just started recording an important call, and your Boss calls you urgently, what you do, Click pause as opposed to stopping it – because usually what happens when you just stop is you begin recording afresh, and that would be wasting time. You will find it really convenient if you ever try using it while recording Skype calls.

This free recording software offers you unlimited Skype audio call recording minus losing its quality, both voices of the call will be clear enough and there will be no echoes when you playback the files – that’s clearly everyone’s joy, when you record perfect results, you don’t even get stressed, but when the results are poor, you will be bothered every time you playback the files.

Besides all that, the tool is available to download from the official website of Amolto, so clean like we mentioned earlier – it is totally free from viruses, spyware and adware, you do not even have to worry about space on your windows PC because this Skype recorder is lightweight. You won’t afford to miss this Skype recorder, unless you are not sure of what exactly you are looking for in recording software because it is more than ready to handle any call you throw at it, It will surely help you have a memorable experience that you will find yourself recommending the tool to your friends.

AthTek Skype recorder


This one is easily one of the best recording apps on the market. If recording business calls is life, then you really need to grab AthTek Skype recorder. It will record both video and audio Skype calls with high quality and the way it does it will surely surprise you, it will detect when you start a Skype call, and so it will automatically record them. The detecting part might sound un real but it’s very true – you won’t do nothing but to make a call and will take control there and then.

The software does everything so well almost want to hate it. It can even record Skype chats for you and save them. This app is certainly the best you will ever have because it can also be hidden while you record Skype calls which is great for parental control purpose. One of the most interesting things people love about this app is that it allows them to add memos to recorded files and then also save calls in different formats e.g audio files in MP3 format, and video files in AVI format. It is simply designed to offer you with the best experience, so when you decide to use it, know that you have picked the best choice.

Additionally, the tool has 2 recording versions, there’s free trial, and then professional. Allow us to break them down for you briefly, with the free version, you will record limited calls, and that’s no surprise because clearly, its freeware, so let’s not expect much, it just helps us to sample the tool, which gives us a picture of how professional would work. While professional is the real cake, it allows you to record both Skype calls with no restrictions, and we mean totally no limit at all, you record the way you wish, plus you will access all the great features.

Truly speaking, this tool is not among the basic ones as we can all read what it has in store for us. It offers technical free support to its users as well as clean, it has no viruses, adware or spyware, so feel free to download it anytime. It will allow you take short notes while you record Skype calls – many times you will record and then immediately forget what you discussed about, but if you utilise this feature of taking notes, it would save you from a lot of regrets. Its interface is as simple as downloading it on your computer, does wonders when it comes to recording Skype calls than you would never know.

Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder

Dvdvideosoft is the perfect way to record unlimited Skype calls for free. This program is completely free and will allow you record video and audio Skype calls with high quality. You will find it extremely great since you won’t have to spend any penny on it to start recording calls. What happens when you install it is that you cannot record calls automatically, surprised right? For this you need to click the record button yourself in order for it to begin recording, it has manual settings, so whatever call you make, will be recorded manually. That is why it provides you with its 3 buttons on the interface which are start, pause and Stop.

Make it a habit to click start every time you make a call, click pause whenever there’s a need and click stop if you are tired of recording calls. It is the perfect tool for serious call recording because of its functions. The recorder is much more reliable and has a simple designed interface. It has whatever it takes to make the recoding experience memorable, including recording calls in modes for instance, Picture in Picture, only audio or only video of other sides.

This is one of the few recording apps that will request you to create a folder where you will save the recorded files – it gives you different recording options so you choose depending on what you prefer, oh, after creating a folder where you would like to save your files, you simply store them there and keep for a playback in the future. It has just two formats where you will save files in, one is AVI format for Skype video files, and the second one is MP3 format for audio Skype files.

It is perfect for everybody because it has a direct interface, very simple to read and also downloads faster than you would ever imagine. Furthermore, the tool is free for both private call recording and personal recording, users are free to download it as they want and start blasting away with recording for free – we believe that’s the best feeling in the world, to record for free and at the same time, you are not limited. It will also allow you have live broadcast recording, and there are completely no extra libraries required to use Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder.

It’s just as it is and would never complicate your life once you have it for your call recording. However, the only downside to this Skype recorder is the lack to record Skype calls automatically, and these are complaints from its end users who use it to record business calls, they say it would even be more amazing it recorded calls automatically, because sometimes they are afraid that they might forget to click the start button and that means the call will not be recorded at the end of the day.

Supertintin Skype video recorder

supertintin for skype

This tool is intended to record Skype conversations. You will not believe it but it will record both Skype calls in high quality as you would expect it to. Supertintin Skype video recorder offers 2 versions, one come as freeware and the other one is for buying. The biggest difference between these two is that the free one cannot support unlimited recording, while the paid one is definitely unlimited, allowing you to have all the great features that are not found in the free one. So you can choose depending on your priorities and why you need a recorder in your life.

Unlike other recorders, this software records video Skype calls in high definition which gives your files a better view when you are playing them back in the future. It is also one of the easiest ways you will record online interviews, conferences, podcasts and lessons etc. it will effortlessly let you share screen during recording sessions, which actually makes work easier for some of us – there are those days a colleague might explain something to you connected to work, and you would never understand a thing out of it, not until someone shares their screen and you will be able to click immediately.

That being said, Supertintin will also record Skype calls as it captures the original media data of the video during your recording period. This program will give you a chance to record in Picture in Picture, remote only, Side by Side or Local only, Oh, you will actually manage to record remote & local Skype video as 2 separate files, if it pleases you anyway.

Interestingly this Skype recorder can record other streams of Skype for example it can record Skype phone calls, Skype voice mails and Skype video chats etc – well, you must shocked that is supports all that, yes, Supertintin is powerful and very efficient, it will handle every Skype call very well as it saved them in your computer’s hard drive.  Still, this is one of the most reliable and satisfying Skype recorders on the market and anyone would be lucky to record their Skype calls with it. As an added bonus, this tool will display the size of the files you have recorded so far on the interface – so you can now know how far you have gone with recording certain calls.

If you were still contemplating about which recorder to get to start recording Skype calls, whether they are business calls or you just want it for your personal call recording, this simple software will do the job done. It is really user friendly and we think it would be the best option for anyone that wants simplicity, yet at the same time it is very efficient. And on top of all that, it’s also very easy to download, once it finishes with the installation, it will start to record immediately– making it ideal for literally everyone who would be interested or even just want to try to see how a recorder works.

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